Water Pro VPD


The ultimate mist and irrigation controller for the most demanding growing conditions. Utilizing VPD technology, the unit can be expanded to up to 24 zones. By connecting to your PC using the optional GROWLINK software, the Water Pro VPD can log data and operate remotely.

Category: Misting & Water Controllers

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  • 12 zones, expandable to 24 zones with expansion unit
  • Includes 1 VPD sensor and able to except a 2nd VPD sensor
  • Can be connected to a remote PC and used with the optional Growlink software for sensor data logging and remote control operation
  • Crop aging adjustments
  • End of schedule alarm
  • Night watering disable functions
  • 24V transformer and power cord included, 24VAC output
  • 1 yr warranty


Water Pro Manual

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