Rhizopon™ AA Water Soluble Tablets


Rhizopon® AA Water Soluble Tablets are a 20% IBA rooting hormone for rooting cuttings, and improving transplanting, plant growth and root mass. These tablets are convenient to mix when small amounts of rooting solution are required. No Sales to California

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  • Registered with the US EPA for use in greenhouses and nurseries
  • Water soluble IBA-No alcohol required to dissolve
  • Easy to use. Tablets are premeasured: count and mix.
  • Each tablet contains 50 mg IBA
  • Can be used by basal dip, and foliar total immerse or spray drip down methods
  • Approved Label under WPS for zero-hour Re-entry Interval
  • No Sales to California

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20% IBA Tablets 20 Pack, 20% IBA Tablets 200 Pack, 20% IBA Tablets 2500 Pack


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