RDT-4 Thermostat


The RDT-4 Thermostat features a digital temperature display and 4 outlets for plugging in Redi-Heat™ Heavy-Duty Propagation Mats or Redi-Heat™ Heavy Duty Heating Cables. The sensor probe is inserted into the cell of the plug tray to give an accurate temperature setting.

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  • 120 volts – 2400 watts maximum
  • Built in 20 amp circuit breaker
  • 4 outlets
  • 9’ long power cord
  • 40°F to 99°F set temperature range
  • +/- 1°F accuracy
  • Sensor probe 1” long and 5/32” wide, small enough to be used in the cell of a plug tray.
  • 52” long sensor cable
  • Digital display shows set temperature
  • Up/down push buttons to set temperature
  • Red LED light indicates when heating elements are on
  • Comes with 4 self tap screws for attaching thermostat to a surface
  • Can be used with optional mounting plate as shown below
  • Two Year Warranty


RDT-4 Thermostat Instructions

Redi-Heat™ Thermostats Flyer

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