Capmat™II Capillary Distribution Kits


The Capmat™II Capillary Distribution Kit comes complete with all the accessories for quickly installing Capmat™II. All you will need to add is the Capmat™II Capillary Matting.

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  • Loc sleeve header fitted with a 3/4” female hose swivel inlet, ells, tees, and fasteners, drip hose and pressure regulator
  • 4’ or 6’ x 100 bench
  • Complete directions included

Available Options:

4′ Distribution Kit for 4′ Wide Capmat™ II
6′ Distribution Kit for 6′ Wide Capmat™ II

Additional information


4' Kit for 4' Wide Capmat™, 6' Kit for 6' Wide Capmat™


Cap Mat™ II Capillary Matting Flyer

Cap Mat™ II Instructions

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