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The BJA Tape Binder is ideal for binding or “taping” nursery stock to stakes in a container or in the field. Also useful for vineyards, tomatoes and any other plant that requires tying and staking. BJA is the toughest binder on the market, and comes with a spare spring and blade.

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  • Makes tying up staked or trellised plants in the greenhouse, nursery or field a breeze. You’ll never use a twist tie again.
  • Great for tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, woody ornamental or fruit tree whips, Christmas trees and any other crop that needs tied up or staked.
  • Tape Binder comes with an extra spring and cutting blade held firmly in the tape compartment. Extra staples are available.
  • Optional Twine Holder makes taping to a string support a snap.
  • Uses long lasting heavy duty tape, or our new biodegradable tape.

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Green – Large-1/2", Yellow – Large-1/2", Purple – Large-1/2", Green – Small-7/16", Yellow – Small-7/16", Purple – Small-7/16"


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