Welcome to Phytotronics, Inc.

For over 36 years Phytotronics has been an innovative manufacturer of precision equipment and supplies for the commercial greenhouse and nursery grower. Our Phytotronics line of mist controllers and related equipment, as well as the Rhizopon™ and Hortus IBA™ rooting hormones are used by professional plant propagators and growers across North America.

Phytotronics Products Carry Support for Life

Phytotronics USA-based Tech Support department is available by phone to walk you through any questions you may have about your new controller system.

All Phytotronics products are made in the USA, robust, and last for years. But should your product stop working properly, be sure to call us. We will troubleshoot, repair or replace your device or system to get it back online ASAP.

Our Technical Support department is available 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Central Time Monday through Friday. Call 314-770-0717.